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Kantha Stitch Upcycled Sari Apron

Kantha Stitch Upcycled Sari Apron


Made from soft, layered, recycled cotton saris and comes in a variety of traditional patterns and colors. Finished with traditional kantha embroidery. Each is unique, colors and patterns vary. Machine wash cold, line dry. 

Kantha is an ancient form of hand-stitch embroidery. Rural women used the simple running embroidery stitch to hold recycled cloth layers together using threads from old saris and stitching techniques passed down from mother to daughter.

Our Fair-Trade partner in Bangladesh supports over 1500 artisans. The mission is to develop the social and economic capacity of poor, rural, disadvantaged women by creating productive employment opportunities. They believe in the dignity of every individual. The artisans receive a fair wage, freedom from exploitation, access to healthcare and education for their children.  


Measures 31"L x 23"W