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Our Story

Where It All Began
In 2004, after several trips to India, Vicki Moore came across a report on the prevalence of human trafficking in the country. With statistics reporting that 200 women and girls are forced into the commercial sex trade every day, it is obvious why this lit a fire in her and left her feeling shocked that she had not heard of the issue before. She listened to an interview with a young woman who had been rescued from the industry. She had not been to school and could not read or write, leaving her unemployable and unequipped. She begged listeners to teach her a skill that would allow her to provide for herself, not a handout but the restoration of dignity through work and purpose that every human longs for.

Vicki immediately realized she could teach this woman and others like her. With more atrocity continuing to be made known to her, Vicki asked God, “Why isn’t someone doing something about this?” to which He replied, “I would like for you to do something.”

Following the Lord, Vicki was led to Bangalore, India. By the years’ end, Rahab’s Rope was introduced at our very first Christmas celebration to a group of women who had been used and abused for most of their lives and saw no sign of hope. With 100 women in attendance, what better event to introduce a sign of hope than in celebrating the birth of Him who provided rescue for all.